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As an independent consultancy we provide impartial advice through our network of experts and innovative design solutions drawing on our extensive experience on major international projects. We add value, solve technical, operational and business problems and assist in dispute resolution and business improvement.




An important basis for the planning and construction of building and infrastructure projects is the knowledge of the ground conditions. We provide well thought of investigation’s planning, for field and laboratory tests with focus on collecting adequate and accurate information that aid in identifying potential construction problems at early stages saving time and money. This is combined with advanced geotechnical analyses and assessments to determine the best options for foundation designs, and selection of soils improvement methods needed to develop the site




We provide cost effective and robust geotechnical design solutions for building foundation, transportation systems’ foundations, large-heavily loaded tanks, retaining system for deep excavations, design and construction control of steep cut slopes, and other geotechnical projects.

Also, we offer technical reviews and an independent geotechnical design reviews to better communicate the risk management methods and this process leads  to the most economical and sound foundations.

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The selection of the most suitable ground improvement method is an art of balancing many factors and it starts with economy, environmental, effects on existing structures, and above all suitability to the site and type of development. In our work, we endeavor to select the most suitable method for each project. This selection is ensured by our extensive experience in this field, and numerous successful projects.

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Ge is composed of seasoned professionals with significant experience in geotechnical engineering and forensics. We provide independent, high quality geotechnical assessments, designs and ground improvement studies and consultancies.


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